Tai’an City Overview

The name Tai’an is derived from MountTaishan and implies that “The country is prosperous and the people live inpeace”. Tai’an is one of the main birthplaces of Chinese civilization with along history and brilliant culture. Tai’an city has won honorary titles such asNational Sanitary City, National Garden City, Renowned History and Culture Cityof China, National Model City For Water Conservancy, Excellent Chinese TourismCity, National Habitat Award Winner etc.

Tai’an is located in the center ofShandong province, neighboring Jinan on the north, Qufu (hometown of Confucius)on the south, Zibo on the east, and the Yellow River off the west. With an areaof 7,762 square kilometers and a population of 5.6 million, Tai’an governs twodistricts (Taishan district and Daiyue district), two county-level cities(Xintai city and Feicheng city), two counties (Ningyang County and DongpingCounty), Tai’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Tai’an Tourism &Economic Development Zone, Mount Taishan Scenic Zone and Mount Culai and WenRiver Scenic Zone. In 2014, the gross production value of Tai’an city hasreached 300.22 billion RMB, and the public finance budget revenues also reached18.74 billion RMB.

Tai’an is an important city in Shandongcapital metropolitan economic area. It lies at the central area betweenCircum-Bohai Economic Zone and Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, which makesit an important transportation hub to link Beijing-Tianjin area and Shanghai-Ningbo-Hangzhouarea. Tai’an city has superior location, convenient traffic, rich resources,excellent living environment and advantageous education of science andtechnology. Beijing-Shanghai railway and high-speed railway run through thecity from north to south, and Bejing-Taiwan, Beijing-Shanghai, Qingdao-Lanzhouhighways also cross in Tai’an. Tai’an city has abundant mineral reserve and 63kinds of ore resources including coal, iron, rock salt, gypsum, sulphur,limestone, granite etc and the gross reserves have reached 50 billion tons. Tai’anis one of the three Shandong province higher education centers and can providetalent and intelligence support with various level, large number and highquality.

Tai’an city is richly endowed withtourism resources by nature, and Mount Taishan is the first case of WorldNatural and Cultural Dual Heritage, the World Geopark, and also ChineseRenowned Calligraphy Mountain, which ranks first on the list of China’s top tenfamous mountains.

Tai’an city is a developing industrialcity with modern industrial system formed progressively. Four big competitiveindustries including automobile, electric transmission and transformationequipment, inorganic nonmetallic materials, equipment manufacturing havedeveloped rapidly; four big strategic emerging industries including newmaterial, new energy and energy conservation and environment protection,electronic information and biological medicine and breeding have begun to takeshape; four big traditional industries including coal, chemical engineering,food and spinning have optimized and upgraded to form new economic growthpoints. The level of modernization of agriculture in Tai’an has been increasedobviously, and industries including food, vegetables, oil plants, fruits,animal husbandry, flower and nursery stock have prominent advantages. Tourismcultural industry has flourished to reach a highland on which nature tourismand cultural tourism are coordinated, and tourism industry and culturalindustry are integrated.

Tai’an city has complete infrastructuresupporting and service function. Tai’an high-tech zone is a national-level highand new tech development zone. The city also owns provincial economic zones andmany local industry parks including Mount Culai and Wen River scenic spot,Tai’an tourism economic development zone, Taishan district, Daiyue district,Xintai, Feicheng, Ningyang, Dongping and so on. Tai’an city is an ideal cityfor living and working with excellent environment, safety and comfort.

Tai’an is avigorous, developing, promising, charming and attractive city.

Mount Taishanopens arms to welcome guests from all over the world!

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